Vehicle Diagnosis Made Simple

With a little research on your automobile, you can avoid future repair problems. Whether you are mechanically smart or not, you can spot lots of typical automobile issues simply by utilizing your senses of odor and sight.


Exist any spots or drops of fluid under your automobile? There may be no issue whatsoever, nevertheless, you do wish to look for wet areas, as this could be a symptom of a major issue.

You might have a leaking radiator or a water pump in need of repair. If this is the problem, you need to get to a repair workshop immediately.

A dark brown or black oily fluid can reveal that the engine is leaking oil. A bad seal or gasket could be the cause of the leakage. The repair work for this problem can be outrageous, so you will wish to seek out a reputable mechanic right now.

A red oily-looking spot shows a transmission or power steering fluid leakage. Another factor is to see your vehicle physician!

Sometimes the liquid is clear, and this is normally typical condensation from your lorry’s a/c. There is no requirement for concern.

If you see light smoke originating from a wheel – it could be a stuck brake. Call a tow truck.

Smoke coming from any part of the automobile reveals a requirement for repair.


Smell around, and you may spot your vehicle’s issue.

The smell of burned toast can signal an electrical short and burning insulation. Have actually a mechanic come to take a look at your cars and truck? Do not run the risk of driving it anywhere.

A rotten egg odor usually reveals a problem in the catalytic converter. You will require to take the lorry in for repair work as soon as possible.

A thick sharp odor generally shows burning oil. Look under the vehicle to see if there is a leakage. There might be a bluish smoke coming from your lorry, too. This problem requires to be resolved instantly!

The smell of gas after a stopped working start might suggest the engine is flooded. Simply wait a number of minutes and try once again. If you keep observing the gas smell, this might be an indication of a leakage in the fuel system – a possibly unsafe problem that needs instant attention.

Do you see a sweet odor? This might show a coolant leakage. Watch your temperature level gauge, alert light, and drive to a service center. Now, if you see steam emerging from under the hood, pull and stopover. You certainly do not wish to keep driving an overheated automobile. Your engine will most likely be seriously damaged. Call a tow truck.

The basic rule of smell is that if you do discover an uncommon smell – get to a mechanic or get one to come to you.

Follow these simple standards, keep your eyes and nose open, and you might end up conserving hundreds of dollars in repair!

You might have a dripping radiator or a water pump in requirement of repair. If this is the problem, you require to get to a repair store instantly.

The repair work for this problem can be inflated, so you will want to seek out a reputable mechanic right away.

This issue requires to be resolved immediately!

If you keep seeing the gas smell, this might be an indication of a leak in the fuel system – a potentially harmful issue that needs immediate attention.

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