Hydroponic Light Systems

A hydroponic light system is capable of replacing sunlight in any enclosed area. With sufficient light, you can transform any home, garage, or space area into a fully flowering budding garden for your plants. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of providing light for indoor gardens.

Before your purchase, think about the quantity of location to be covered, the color spectrum of light required, and light strength for the plants. Take a look at the various lighting system, accessories, and elements offered by us.

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Sunlight Supply Light System

Sunlight Supply provides flexible systems and high-quality light items, in addition to a complete service for horticultural lighting requirements.

Light Movers

Light movers are developed to utilize higher light intensity by increasing the light protection area. They are cost-efficient and they come in direct and circular types to permit all plants to get a uniform amount of light direct exposure.

Fluorescent Fixtures

These high-output compact fluorescent components are utilized to include the electrical components of your hydroponic lighting system.

In-line Integrated Timer

The timer can be used with Sun System I and VI ballasts that have the voltage selector switch and a detachable power cable.

20 amp rating pull-up triggers for simple setting of ON/OFF timer

8 feet grounded power cord included with the pack

Sun Lift Light Suspension System

The Sun Lift is a reflector suspension system that has a tension adjustable light hanger and is really easy to utilize.

When set, the stress system keeps the hood in one location

The assistance strings take out and pull back easily

One set of Sun lifts assists as much as 22 lbs.

Light Meter

A digital light meter works for the precise measurement of light received by plants. It is portable and easy to use.

Reflectors & Options

Reflectors help you maximize the light from your grow-lamp by increasing light strength and enhancing the amount of light to your plants. We have a variety of reflectors, particularly created for horticultural usage in indoor surroundings.


With a 98% reflective residential or commercial property, Mylar successfully reflects light back to your plants. When you are covering surfaces that are light in color, you can use 1 mil density. To cover darker surface areas and walls, 2 mil density is recommended.


Discover a vast array of bulbs like high-pressure salt bulbs, agro bulbs, metal and very halide bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, spectrum bulbs, HPS-MH conversion bulbs, MH-HPS Spectrum bulbs, and improved spectrum MH bulbs.

Light Hanger

The Light Hanger makes it easy for garden enthusiasts to raise and decrease their lights to give plants proper light protection. You simply need to install the unit with its hardware, connect the light and pull the cords to move the illuminate and down.

Jack Chain? 14 Per Foot

Jack chains are used for hanging lights.

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A hydroponic light system is capable of replacing sunlight in any enclosed location. With sufficient light, you can convert any room, home, or garage location into a completely flowering budding garden for your plants. It is one of the most cost-effective methods of supplying light for indoor gardens.

With a 98% reflective property, Mylar effectively shows light back to your plants. You can use 1 mil density when you are covering surface areas that are light in color.

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