Hydroponic Garden Add-On Accessories

Hydroponic garden devices are an essential part of gardening. We have a range of garden materials that cover almost whatever you require to grow a hydroponic garden. You can discover the most recent hydroponic gardening technology in our stock.

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Our updated garden products consist of:
Allotropic cell + Housing
Allotropic cells are used to control the development of germs, algae, and yeast.
5″ Allotropic cell + Housing
9″ Allotropic cell + Housing

Eliminator Reverse Osmosis Systems
Each compact system includes one membrane from 90-gallon-per-day up to 180gpd output.
Eliminator Small R/O system 90gpd
Eliminator Medium R/O System 90gpd
Eliminator Large R/O System 180gpd
Black + White poly 6Mil 10′ x10′.

Sunleaves Block Covers:
UVA-inhibited Sunleaves Block Covers are used to protect plants from algae growth.

Water Boy 35″ Garden Feeder:
This indoor watering hose pipe with accessories takes care of all your watering requirements.

Fiskars Microtip Pruning Shears:
Fiskers accurate Micro-Tip pruners include a stainless-steel blade and Nyglass ™ body.

Fiskers Floral Snips:
The snips make outstanding trimmers for fragile cutting or herb harvesting.
Rapitest Tomato Clips, Twist Clips, Measuring Spoons, Label Marker Pens.
Rapitest Tomato Clips: Used to attach plants to walking canes, wires, or assistance.
Rapitest Twist Clips: Used to attach plants to assistance.
Rapitest Measuring Spoon: Used for measuring fertilizers and chemicals.
Rapitest Label Marker pens:: Used to write plant labels.

4″ × 8″ Horti-Trellis: A plant support trellising for vertical or horizontal applications.
American Agritech Pouring Spout: It can be easily attached to a gallon or quart bottle to prevent leaking.
Garden Coil w/50′ pipe: It features resilient brass fixtures and expands to either 30′ or 50′.
Cable Wizard Cord Cover: It covers extension cable plug ends and keeps them locked together for protection.
Measuring Short Glass: Measures teaspoons, ounces, milliliters, and tablespoons.

Graduated Beakers.
Resilient finished beakers that fulfill all your determining requirements. Each plastic cup measures milliliter.
100 Mil Graduated Beaker.
250 Mil Graduated Beaker.
500 Mil Graduated Beaker.
1-liter Graduated Beaker.
4 Oz. determining cup: Ideal for all your general measuring usages.
60 cc Syringe: Syringes are useful for extracting liquid for pH screening.
Sunleaves Meters: Measure light, wetness, and ph levels using these meters.
Sunleaves Moisture Meter.
Sunleaves 3-way Meter.

Mini pH Tester: Economical, user-friendly, and instant tester.

Soil Test Kit: It has forty tests for four essential soil aspects like pH, N, P, and K.

Batteries for pH/TDS Pens: Ideal for pH/TDS pens.

30X Lighted Microscope: A precision lit-up microscope with 30X zoom power.

Pump Filter Bag: The filter bag should be utilized with a submersible pump to avoid blocking.

Air Stones: Air stones are extensively utilized for aerating nutrition solutions and to supply oxygen to stale water.

4 Foot Flexible Air stone.
12″ Air Stone.
Eco Plus 8 Inch Air Stone.
Eco Plus 6 Inch Air Stone.
Eco Plus 4 Inch Air Stone.
Eco Plus Large Round Air Stone.
Eco Plus Medium Round Air Stone.
Eco Plus Small Round Air Stone.

Light Hanger: Used to raise and lower lights for appropriate light protection.

Sun Lift Light Suspension System: Easy-to-use tension adjustable light wall mount.

Jack Chain # 14 per Foot: Used for hanging lighting fixtures.

Compression Sprayer Quart: Used for misting, foliar fertilizing, or insect control.

Compression Sprayer Gallon: Used for basic inside and outdoor gardens.

Rapitest Soil pH Tester Kit: A convenient unit that is user-friendly and portable.

Rapitest Soil Check: Used to test soil easily.

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