Coffee Machine Glossary

Coffee has a language all its own. Here are a few of the often used coffee machine terms.

Automobile Frother: device that instantly froths milk for coffees and lattes.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker: a machine that instantly heats water and filters it through the coffee.

Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker: an espresso machine including manageable, programmable coffee dosing.

Bean to Cup: fully-automated coffee-making process. Makers with bean-to-cup capability do whatever from grinding the beans to filling a cup with coffee.

Boiler: steam machine inside the coffee maker. Devices with bigger boilers typically are more powerful and produce more warm water for beverages.

Boiler Element: an electrical component that heats up the boiler in an electric espresso coffee machine.

Cappuccino: Italian espresso-based drink.

Cup Warmer: metal part at top of espresso coffee machine where cups are placed for warming.

Dosing: describes either the variety of grams of coffee per cup or the quantity of brewed coffee per cup.

Leak Tray: Part of espresso coffee machine where the coffee cup sits for filling.

Espresso: Italian black coffee which preceded specialized coffees. Abundant black coffee.

Filter Basket: Metal filter where premises are put for development.

Filtered Method: In the process of developing coffee with a filter, coffee is separate from the water.

French Press: aka plunger pot. A round coffee machine in which ground coffee is soaked and then filtered. Coffee grounds are pressed to the bottom of the pot with the plunger. Coffee remains on the top of the pot.

Totally Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker: devices that instantly manage the developing process from coffee beans to a fresh cup of coffee.

Grind: the process of preparing coffee beans for coffee brewing.

Group: Portion of espresso coffee maker that brews coffee.

Group Handle: Portion of espresso coffee machine that holds the filter basket that ground coffee enters into.

Heat Exchanger: warms water for coffee without taking water from the boiler.

Hopper: portion of the mill that holds coffee beans.

French Press coffee machine:

Knock-out Box: container utilized to knock the used coffee premises from group management.

Latte: Hot drink made with one-quarter coffee, 3 quarters of steamed, hot milk with little froth.

Mocha: term utilized to describe hot drinks made from espresso, milk, and chocolate.

Moka Pot: Classic Italian espresso-maker used on top of the range.

Percolator: coffee maker that continuously runs water through the coffee grounds to make coffee.

Pod: a self-contained, single-serving unit of all-set-to-use coffee.

Pour/Pour Speed/Pour Time: the amount of time needed to pour coffee from the group into the cup. Need to be 25 to 30 seconds for espresso.

Pump: a gadget that moves water through the coffee machine.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker: device without pre-set dosing ability.

Steam Arm/Wand: metal tube providing steam to froth milk.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker: maker which instantly manages the brewing process from coffee bean to fresh cup of coffee in addition to other features such as a water filter.

Tamping: the act of pushing ground coffee into the filter basket.

Vacuum coffee maker: maker utilizing vacuum process to make coffee.

Standard espresso coffee machine: a machine that is not a bean-to-cup automated model.

Water Filter: filters pollutants from water for a much better coffee taste.

Water Font: nozzle utilized to give water from maker boiler.

Water Softener: filters lime and minerals from water, avoiding the build-up of scales in the coffee machine. This is a must-have for anybody utilizing hard water.

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